Daily Conference Themes

As a MICECON tradition, delegates are encouraged to exercise their creativity in preparing their respective attires according to the theme of the day or social event. Exciting prizes await the delegates with the most creative themed attire!

Date Theme for the Day Attire for the Day Dinner Theme Attire for the Night
27 November 2018, Tuesday MICEKara

Wear something comfortable as you explore the City

Casual Wear

Male Attire

Female Attire

MICEKara: Night of Mardi Gras

But by the evening… bring a touch of Bacolod’s MassKara Festival into your evening attire! Be colorful!

MassKara inspired
28 November 2018, Wednesday Reuse, Upcycle and Redesign

Think your old clothes have no use anymore and at the same time you don’t want to throw them away. Why not upcycle it? Convert those clothes into something new and beautiful. Redesign old clothes or old materials and give it a new purpose! (That is what you’ll learn in the conference too.)

Mix and Match Upcycled Clothes

Male Attire

Female Attire

Vintage Negros

Turn back time and bring back the 20s.

Roaring Twenties

Male Attire

Female Attire

29 November 2018, Thursday No to Single Hues

“No to single use plastics” is a major boost to the tourism industry’s efforts to sustain communities.  

So… take a step into the colorful world of MICECON where it’s no white or black but all sorts of colors. Make sure that no item worn should have the same color! Don’t forget your accessories!

Creative Business Casual

Male Attire

Female Attire

A Night of Magic and MICEtery

As the sun sets, transform yourself into the best mystical creature of character of your liking

Sorcery, Wizard, Avatar, Mystical Creatures Fairy, Mermaid, Unicorn, Lotus Elf